Fraser Alexander is your trusted mining and industrial partner, providing the innovative solutions and infrastructure that you need to move, manage, and add value to resources, waste and water systems across your value chains.

Our philosophy is built on four interconnecting factors:


Rich partnerships

To thrive for over 100 years, Fraser Alexander has had to continuously reinvent itself. This endless adaptation to an evolving environment has allowed us to build enduring relationships, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges that our clients face.


Beyond innovation

By investing in specialised disciplines that reflect and anticipate your needs, we’re able to provide proactive and value-adding solutions that address them.


Collaborative culture

We have a strong culture of collaboration, but we also strive to create an environment where pertinent, practical and even extraordinary cross-specialisation solutions can flourish.


Think sustainability

Our trusted partnerships, specialised services and collaborative teams have given us a new perspective on another key dimension of our vision and strategy: sustainability. To us, sustainability is just as critical to the future of our business, our clients’ businesses, and the socio-economic circumstances of our communities, as it is to the environments we impact.


Fraser Alexander’s integrity is anchored in our heritage and woven into the fabric of who we are. Our values make us the innovative, ethical, trustworthy company that stands firm today.

Show care

Show care

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Taking interest
  • Transparency / honesty
Earn trust

Earn trust

  • Consistency
  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Delivery
Have passion

Have passion

  • Have enthusiasm
  • Take pride in the work that you do
  • Be engaged
  • Show excitement
  • Run the extra mile
Be brave

Be brave

  • Be innovative
  • Be accountable
  • Act with conviction
  • Be courageous
  • Take calculated risks


Fraser Alexander is an organisation like no other. Our differentiators include:

Fraser Alexander's pioneering specialisation and collaborative culture enable us to create customised, cross-discipline solutions to new and complex challenges.

Our passion to keep our clients' interests at the centre of our strategies helps us to build and nurture enduring relationships that are productive, supportive and transparent.

Fraser Alexander’s trusted partnerships, definitive services and cooperative practices enable us to create tailored, holistic solutions to existing and anticipated demands.

Our decentralised hubs allow our clients convenient access to local teams of operational staff and discipline specialists that can be mobilised to deal with challenges as they arise. They’re currently located across South Africa and further afield in sub-Saharan Africa and Chile.

Fraser Alexander's competitive advantage lies in our family of employees. These trusted and empowered individuals are encouraged to take ownership of their parts of the business by functioning as entrepreneurs, delivering without excuses, and never compromising on safety.


Fraser Alexander B-BBEE certificate

View our scorecard by clicking the download link below.


For Fraser Alexander, Broad-Base Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is more than civic duty. It’s a value system that recognises our interdependence with our social partners and the communities that we interact with and draw our employees from.

As a result, part of our business strategy is to create opportunities in these communities and to contribute meaningfully to their long-term socio-economic wellbeing. This also integrates closely with our shareholder, the Royal Bafokeng Nation’s Plan 35; a long-term initiative focused on service delivery, poverty alleviation and nation-building.

Our CSI initiatives

We've embarked on multiple important CSI initiatives over the years. These include:

Our focus on education

A large portion of Fraser Alexander’s CSI goes to organisations like Kwasa College in Daggafontein; a pre-school for the disadvantaged children from the nearby informal settlement. Fraser Alexander and other corporate sponsors have partnered on a project to develop a primary school, and later, a high school for the children.

Firozistar: A start-up SMME

Fraser Alexander has successfully nurtured a start-up business, Firozistar, into a thriving company providing plant hire and metal picking services. We did this by providing Firozistar's active partner, Ignatius Rikhotso, with an assessment-backed personal development plan and partnering with ASA Metals on his formal business and leadership training.

Firozistar has since acquired its own equipment and has improved its financial performance from a loss in 2013 to a sound turnover and good profits in 2014 and beyond. Fraser Alexander will continue with this successful model across more of our operations.

Annah's Thabong Bakery

When Annah Lelimo’s Thabong Bakery was put in touch with Fraser Alexander, the only oven it had for baking was a small deck oven being used for very small orders. Fraser Alexander helped the business to buy a new production line and a new delivery vehicle. This helps them increase their output, save on time and electricity, and improve bread quality and longevity.

We didn’t just give Thabong Bakery a significant grant though. We also assigned Annah an experienced mentor to help her to optimise and expand her business. Today, Thabong Bakery has contracts with Harmony’s Joel and Bambanani Mines.


The Fraser Alexander Board and its Executive and Management Committees are deeply committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. We’re guided, always, by our values and by our promise to uphold uncompromising business ethics.

We also ensure shareholder accountability by focusing on key performance areas:


Shareholder relations.

Vision and strategic direction.


Financial performance, including judicious operational and capital budget.

Allocations, and the controlled execution of these.


Major acquisitions and disposals.


Fraser Alexander is dedicated to the safety of people as one of our core strengths. Our beyond-Zero-Harm policy (always alert, always focused, never complacent) is firmly practised at Board and Exco levels, through to the operational front lines. This is evidenced by our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate consistently outperforming our industry average.

Our safety philosophy is that:


Safety is good business.

Safety is never compromised.


Workplace risk is best eliminated by awareness and training.

Leaders at all levels
set an example.


Continuous improvement relies on understanding the cause of incidents.



At Fraser Alexander, sustainability doesn’t just impact the environment. We’ve seen how it affects everything related to it, from our company, through clients’ and partners’ businesses, to the socio-economic circumstances of the communities we operate in.This is why, in everything we do, we always endeavour to LEAVE A FUTURE BEHIND.

Want to know more about Fraser Alexander services that are specifically tailored towards sustainability? Have a look at what we do in Rehabilitation and Water treatment.